Why we do what we do:

"Her-Lief" = Afrikaans for "Re-Love"

Her-Lief is a brand of fine hand crafted Re-Loved jewellery.  We take the ordinary every-day items and find the beauty of each piece - our very own Cinderella story!

Her-Lief jewellery is crafted from fine sterling silver and brass which is juxtapositioned against a range of found objects; from milk bottles and bottle caps, to disposable packaging, straws and even pre-loved costume jewellery.

Her-Lief is easy-wearing statement jewellery.  Wearers carry with them a piece of art – a meticulously handcrafted “little art”.  On a deeper level, each piece is a slice of our consumption society. Our jewellery has an element of recycling, through which we choose to find the beauty in what would otherwise have been cast away, or ultimately ended up in a landfill.

Recycled jewellery has no rules, thus each piece is extraordinarily unique with its own set of challenges.  

- Her-Lief is about more than just jewellery- it's a statement about possibility! -